Attention: Peter Jedicke and Brendon Roy and Jenna Hinds of RASC.

Reference: Open-Correspondence – RASC;

Reference: What are your Thoughts on Future Happenings.

Gentlemen, I have, from my investigation alone, garnered over 190 pdf’s and well over 400 e-mails and correspondences. Then off course there are the materials that are in the possession of Roger and Grace Nelson. .

NOW: If you accept that the publishing’s presented on the four (4) main websites outing the RASCRenegades are true. If you accept that the evidence and materials in my possession and others are accurate.

Then you also have to accept that right now, these RASCRenegades are a liability to the RASC. You have to accept they have committed corrupt crooked and criminal acts. You have to accept that there is no upside to the RASC continuing on this destructive path.

After ruminating on those thoughts;

1. Do you see anyone within the RASC waking up and doing what’s right.
2. Do you see yourselves or an Attwood demanding an outside investigation.

3. Do you see Roger and Grace Nelson being rightfully vindicated.
4. Do you see Roger and Grace Nelson being compensated for what was done to them.

5. Or do you see the RASCRenegades and RASC being embroiled in more turmoil.
6. Do you see the RASCRenegades dragging the RASC deeper into that hole they’ve dug.

I look forward to answers to 1-6 and your reasonable thoughts.

Please feel free to disseminate this to whomever you deem appropriate.

Respectfully as always, John “Ned” Kelly… interested parties…