HAVING THE MORAL & ETHICAL HIGH GROUND: Roger and Grace Nelson have the high ground. Roger and Grace Nelson hold the high ground. They will continue to do so, because you cannot lose the high ground when the truth is on your side.

All the RASCRenegades have on their side, are coverups and lies, only leading to more coverups and more lies. The truth. A lie will not fit a fact. A lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose. The life of any lie is just a matter of time. Their time’s all but up.

When Roger & Grace Nelson are rightfully re-instated, and paid due reparations for what they’ve been subjected to. The RASCRenegades and their cohorts will have to be expelled. And make no mistake here, the RASCRenegades still on the National Board and those who have left, and those in the Calgary chapter, are going to fight tooth and nail to prevent that.

INFERENCE: Conclusion Reached on the Basis of Evidence & Reasoning:

The only reasonable conclusion that can be reasonably reached from my investigation and research, is this. Bad Decisions Breeds Bad Results. And the RASCRenegades have been making very very Bad Decisions from the first day they decided to embark on their very Vicious Vindictive Malicious Sustained Premeditated Attacks against decades long members Roger and Grace Nelson. Without any regard for the truth or consequences of their actions. The RASC-Renegades are a dark, ever spreading stain, on the RASC:

And now, they’ve got that Sly Fox (Fecker Watson) in charge of the Hen House.