LIARS – MEANING: people who tells lies. They were notorious liars. Deceivers. Fibbers. Falsifiers. Fabricators. Tellers of lies. Tellers of untruths. Duplicitous. People who say things they know are not true. These words and many more like them, describe the individuals that I refer to as RascRenegades, to a “T”.

RASC CALGARY CHAPTER LIARS: Roland Dechesne. Robyn Foret. Heather Laird. Steven Donaldson. Simon Poole. Bryan Lyonnais. with More names to come.

RASC NATIONAL BOARD LIARS: Michael Watson. Chris Gainor. Charles Ennis. Robyn Foret. Heather Laird. Catherine Carr. Eric Briggs. Phil Groff. Nicole Mortillaro. with More names to come.

They have managed to cover up what they are guilty of, with the assistance of Michael Watson, who is a major partner in Gowling WLG an international law firm. Watson is also the current President of the RASC.

These Liars have managed to keep the truth from coming out to the majority of the RASC membership, as to the extent of their vicious, vindictive, malicious and pre-meditated corrupt and crooked acts on innocent victims, by keeping control of the Executive of the RASC National and Calgary Chapter Boards.

Even as my investigation widened, and the hole they found themselves in became deeper and deeper, instead of doing what was right, they continued to keep on digging.

Like all Liars, they now fear the consequences and repercussions that comes with the truth, and it’s too much for them. They know that they’ve gone too far. The truth is now their number one enemy.

To a great extent, the Covid pandemic assisted them in keeping the membership from the truth. But all of that is going to disappear as they and their vicious and vindictive, malicious and pre-meditated corrupt and crooked acts, on innocent victims, are being exposed for all to see. 2024 is going to be their RASC-RECKONING.