UNCOVERING THE DARK SIDE OF THE RASC: The Pinocchios (LIARS) of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada are everywhere. Some tell little white lies, some tell little big lies. Some tell outright lies, some tell blatant lies, and some tell self serving lies. Some lie in print, some lie right to your face. Some tell whoppers, some tell huge whoppers to cover up the huge whoppers they’ve already told you.

Especially the National Board, the Calgary Chapter & those prominent members of the RASC who watched it all happen and did nothing about it, who are just as responsible. I call these Pinocchios – RascRenegades.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is not fit for purpose, and has not been so, for quite a few years. They are not a fit and proper Society. The Society has condoned and participated in vicious, vindictive, malicious, premeditated and sustained attacks by corrupt and crooked individuals on innocent victims.

The Very Disturbing Details of my three plus years, ongoing investigation into the very Dark Side of the RASC show this to be true. I’ve named those individuals I investigated, RASC-Renegades, and they are an ever spreading dark and dangerous stain.

On July 10th 2023 an open letter was sent, to the very senior members of the RASC, as well as the RASCRenegades, as well as members of the Calgary Chapter & the National Board RASC, care of Jenna Hinds Executive Director RASC. That open letter is posted on this website. To date there’s been no response.

My name’s John Ned Kelly, 67 years old and in my 37th year as a Calgarian. I’m a proud veteran of the British and Canadian Armed Forces. I’m also a Para-Legal of thirty plus years – Excellent Researcher – Even Better Investigator – and much more.

I too have been a victim of the RASC-Renegades and their Vicious Vindictive Malicious Sustained Premeditated Attacks of Bullying and Harassment.

” All roads lead to Rome ” or in the case of the corrupt and crooked RASC-Renegades all roads now lead to Michael Watson and Robyn Foret. At all times, Watson, was, and still is, the in house lawyer for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). Watson, had the ability to stop the Vicious Vindictive Malicious Premeditated Sustained attacks on Roger and Grace Nelson and others, dead in their tracks.

Instead, Michael Watson chose to join the RASC-Renegades, the alternative would have been, Watson having to initiate and oversee, the expulsion from the RASC, of Heather Laird, Nicole Mortillaro, Bryan Foret, Roland Dechesne and Charles Ennis. As Richard Nixon once said, it wasn’t the burglary that caused his downfall, it was the cover-up.

At present the RASC is in very serious financial problems and social and governance issues. The Board under the guidance of Watson has initiated and actively encouraged bullying and harassment of members. That, coupled with the Board totally ignoring the By-Laws of the Society and sound practices, and continuing to cover up many crooked and corrupt acts, has led the RASC into very Dire Straits.

And now that Sly Fox (Fecker Watson) is in charge of the Hen House:

More on Michael Watson and Robyn Foret coming soon: