FEAR is the acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

This occurs when evidence is manufactured and fabricated in order to get a desired result. That result could be having someone wrongfully convicted, or a police officer found not guilty in a discipline hearing. An individual having their appeal dismissed.

Sometimes, in order to get the desired result, they find it necessary to dupe Judges and Justices. They knowingly file false affidavits. They fabricate Briefs and Factums, mislead and openly lie in their summations. They encourage perjury and much more, and have no qualms doing so. All in their quest to try to persuade the Judge or Justice or Justices, to decide in their favor.

GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT: Used to express the idea that in all spheres of life, if you input Garbage you will get Garbage. In the courts and judicial and quazi-Judicial processes, it is generally faulty and wrongful decisions being produced as a result of false evidence being presented.

Garbage in Garbage out has occurred in every level of the Justice system. Provincial criminal, Queen’s Bench criminal, the Appeal Court of Alberta, as well as within the two main organizations involved in the appeal process for allegations against police officers – The Calgary Police Commission – The Law Enforcement Review Board.