WHAT IS DUE PROCESS: Due process is a course of formal proceedings carried out in accordance with established Rules and Regulations. Fair treatment through the normal Judicial and Quasi-Judicial system.

Where was the due process for John Kelly, simply put there was none. In the Law Society of Alberta investigation into lawyer Rodney W. MacKenzie, John Dooks and his cohorts threw all due process out of the window along with the baby and the bathwater.

John Dooks is manager of investigations for the LSA and an ex Calgary police Detective.
Spencer Frizzell another ex police Calgary Detective, works with John Dooks at the LSA.

When Calgary Detective Spencer Frizzell, found out the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was using his name and his title, to knowingly lay bogus criminal charges against an innocent Calgarian. Calgary Detective Spencer Frizzell just sat back, did nothing, and allowed it to happen, not once, not twice, but multiple times.

According to ex Calgary Detective John Dooks, whatever happened to that innocent Calgarian, is not the fault of Frizzell, because Frizzell wasn’t the cop filing the bogus criminal charges at the court house. (WTF). That’s some seriously messed up reasoning from Dook’s and Frizzell.

There is more than enough “sufficient evidence published and provided” to prosecute John Dooks Spencer Frizzell and others for criminal acts. And prosecutions and criminal convictions would have already happened, were these individuals not being protected by their cohorts and others in Law Enforcement and THE OLD BOYS NETWORK.

PINOCCHIOS they’re everywhere. Some of them will tell little white lies, some will tell little big lies. Some will tell outright lies, some will tell blatant lies, some will tell self serving lies. Some will lie to your face. Some will tell whoppers, and some will tell huge whoppers covering up the huge whoppers they’ve already told.

Could COPS get away with CORRUPTION without PINOCCHIOSAbsolutely Not.