The reason for the 7 criminal charges on docket 101128882P1 and their illegally gained search and seizure warrants, was to get inside my residence, remove me from the residence, seize all of the documents and materials they could find, that they believed supported my web site statements and publishing’s. Then destroy them.. Which they did.

Four of those counts filed on criminal docket 101128882P1 were criminal libel charges. Those charges were tossed (no evidence) on the 18th day of November 2010.


1. On the 16th September 2010, the RCMP and Calgary cops arrested and detained me on seven criminal charges. Four counts were for Criminal Libel regarding what was published on my website(s). 2 times section 300 and 2 times section 301. They Alleged that the affected officers were senior Detectives Reid Mercer and Spencer Frizzell. in 2010 those Detectives were working in the Calgary police, cold case homicide section.

2. Right after my arrest & detention, Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson along with Supt McGinnis of the RCMP, held press conferences, and sent press releases, informing both National and local media that they had completed an extensive investigation before laying those Criminal Libel charges against Kelly.

3. The Media published everything they were told, without corroboration.

4. I was kept overnight in the Airdrie RCMP Detachment and produced at Court the next day. At that time I reserved my plea. They placed severe restrictive conditions on my bail, mostly to do with my websites and access to the internet. I attended court several times after that, still reserving my plea as I had not been given any evidence or disclosure proving I had committed any criminal offence.

5. On the 4th November 2010, seven weeks after being arrested and charged, (still reserving my plea) a Calgary Judge directed that they had until the 18th November 2010, to provide evidence of any criminal wrongdoing by me.

6. You’d expect after their self proclaimed statements from Chief Rick Hanson and Supt McGinnis, that an extensive police investigation had been conducted before laying these charges, that they’d have lots of evidence to produce.

Chief Hanson: “the rarity of the criminal libel charges speaks to the seriousness of the allegations” and “The lengthy ordeal and investigation took a toll on many officers who were named on the website”.

Supt McGinnis: “What makes Kelly’s site libellous are the false allegations made against two city homicide investigators (Detectives Mercer and Frizzell)” and “police had no choice but to take the action”.

7. On the 18th November 2010 they could not produce any evidence, at all. As a result all seven of their bogus charges were tossed. Including the criminal libel charges.


8. They said their investigation was extensive, how extensive. They never contacted me. They had no evidence to support the charges and they knowingly outright lied to the media and the Courts.

9. What they did is the very definition of Weaponizing Criminal Libel Sections 300 and 301, for the wrongful initiation of criminal proceedings and malicious prosecutions. All whilst committing a host of criminal acts themselves. Malice for an improper purpose.

10. To date, not one of them has ever been charged or held to account. And now they all want the truth of what they did, to stay well hidden, because the truth isn’t their friend, it’s now their enemy.

11. Further, No other libel action, either Civil or Criminal, has been filed since. Irrefutable Tacit Admission that I was publishing the truth then, as I am, now.