It began in early February 2010 when Rick Hanson, Chief of the Calgary Police, asked the RCMP investigate John Kelly & his websites. RCMP Sgt Bartleys statement.

The RCMP has agreed to investigate defamatory libel concerning members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Homicide Unit, and the obstruction of a historic homicide the CPS detectives were pursuing. That was the request put forth to the RCMP by Chief Hanson and our parameters of investigation will be constrained to meet that request only. Bear in mind, this unit (Lethbridge Major Crimes) is primarily a homicide investigation unit, so our demands are high and numerous, in addition to those required to properly meet this (John Kelly) file. We, the RCMP are dealing with matters concerning defamatory libel and obstruction of their (CPS) homicide investigators on a historic homicide only.

On the 20th April 2010 Sgt Murray Bartley and Cpl Gary Mitchell both of the Lethbridge RCMP Major Crimes Division came to Calgary and interviewed Calgary Detectives Reid Mercer and Spencer Frizzell. Transcripts are available of those interviews.

On the 17th September 2010 Jennifer Rees a prosecutor with the Calgary office along with Sgt Murray Bartley RCMP, filed criminal docket 101128882P1 which consisted of seven criminal counts. Four of those were criminal libel counts (Detectives Mercer and Frizzell) regarding my publishing’s on my websites. Two counts alleging interfering with witnesses in a cold case homicide (Mercer & Frizzell were the Detectives on that file). One count allegations of criminal harassment of Detective Reid Mercer.

All of those seven counts on docket number 101128882P1 (laid on the 17th September 2010) were bogus and they knew it. AND they’d used that to illegally gain search and seizure warrants. On the 16th day of September 2010, they had entered my residence, arrested me, removed boxes and boxes, hundreds and hundreds of my documents, and then they destroyed them, sometime in late October 2010.

Also complicating their criminal conspiracy, was the fact that I informed the court in a proceeding on the 7th of October 2010, that I was reserving my plea until they had provided the evidence that I had committed the criminal offences they were accusing me of. I gave the Judge a document showing the timeline they were stating I had committed those offences were incredibly bogus. The Judge duly put the matter over to the 4th November 2010.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The problems now facing Hewitt were very severe. 1. I had not committed any criminal offences, and she knew that. 2. Detective Mercer and Frizzells own words from their April 2010 interview damned them. 3. And they had destroyed the boxes and boxes, hundreds and hundreds of documents that they had illegally seized from my residence on the 16th September 2010.


By the 18th November 2010 criminal docket 101128882P1 and the seven counts filed on the 17th September 2010, were gone. Karen Hewitt and Sgt Bartley had filed another criminal docket 101401537P1 containing 8 criminal counts. 5 new charges plus 3 from criminal docket 101128882P1. This went against the official statement given by Sgt Bartley in bold above.

Hewitt also got a publication ban on everything related to these matters. They were deep into this now and the only road they saw was the one called continuing cover ups and continuing filing bogus criminal charges, and continuing to commit more crooked corrupt and criminal acts. They were now, in for penny in for a pound…

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 4 criminal libel charges from docket 101128882P1 RE; the publishing’s on my website(s) about Detective Mercer and Frizzell and others, were gone and never brought back. Not by Hewitt, not by Sgt Bartley, not by the Calgary Police. Proving irrefutably that the contents of my websites were as truthful then as they are truthful now.