BELOW is a CBC news article from May 2005. Lots of what was happening in the Calgary Police Service, then, is still happening to this day. Different Chief but same conditions, rottenapples and rottencops.

MAY 2005: A (Calgary) police officer came forward about his involvement with a website critical of (Calgary police) Chief Jack Beaton, saying he was simply voicing the concerns of hundreds of fellow officers.

Const. Taufiq Shah says he turned to the internet after he was dissatisfied with how his complaints about racism and intimidation were dealt with through regular channels. Other officers also posted their concerns.

Shah, who has been on disability since March 2003, says admitting his role in the websites – standfirm.biz and code200.com, both which have been taken down – could cost him his job. But he felt he should clear the air.

“I’m trying to do the right thing,” Shah said. “I’m trying to voice the concerns and problems that are out there for several hundred police officers.”

Once the sites – which said they spoke for officers who had been bullied or harassed, calling Beaton a “rotten apple” and his administration “corrupt” – were public knowledge, Beaton vowed to find the people behind them.

He used a rare legal move to seize a computer from a couple who later settled with the chief. They issued an apology, paid $5,000 towards Beaton’s legal costs and agreed to meet with Beaton and help identify who else was responsible for the sites. Jann Vahey and Rene Fisher said they weren’t responsible for the content on the site, but helped post it to the internet.

Beaton said he tried to find those behind the websites so that he could defend the police service and ensure the public had trust and confidence in its members.