MAR 2024: John Ned Kelly (67) 37th year as a proud Calgarian. A Para-Legal A Researcher and Investigator. Veteran of the British & Canadian Armed Forces.

I’m also a Victim of Corrupt Crooked Calgary Cops & Their Cohorts.

My websites and publishing’s, documents and materials(website links below), show, how the Calgary Police Service (the CPS), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the RCMP) the Crown Prosecutors office, (CROWN) the Calgary Police Commission (CPC) the Law Enforcement Review Board (LERB) and the Law Society of Alberta, along with others, easily instigated initiated and carried out, major criminal conspiracy’s.

When the truth of what they had done started to be known, they went into full blown cover up mode. That cover up continues to this day. But the truth always comes out in the end, no matter how hard anyone tries to stop it. Their lies and their cover ups are just a temporary delay to the inevitable.

FUCKERY IS COMMITTED BY FECKERS: And a Fecker is someone who has one of these traits inherent in their character. They’re either, underhand, devious, deceitful, corrupt, dishonest, crooked, vindictive, vicious, malicious, untrustworthy, very sly, a consummate liar, or all of them & more: ”watch out, that’s a right Fecker that one“.

THE TRUTH: the truth doesn’t cease to exist just because Feckers commit Fuckery. And the truth certainly does not cease to exist because those Feckers then commit Advanced Fuckery to cover up the truth. And the truth certainly doesn’t cease to exist just because other Feckers then commit Super Advanced Fuckery in their clear and brazen attempts to bury the cover ups.

Those from within Law Enforcement, Alberta government organizations, Municipal government organizations, Non-Profit and other regulated organizations who’ve got nothing to hide, should have no need to hide.

They should have no need to play blind deaf & dumb or play smoke & mirrors, or hide & seek or commit crooked corrupt and criminal acts. They’d have no need to do any of those things. They’d be open, they’d be transparent, they’d be honest, and they would be accountable AND THEY WOULD NOT BE committing Fuckery.

The difference between allegations & facts is proof. A lie cannot fit a fact, a lie can only fit another lie made for that purpose. The life of a lie is just a question of time.