” All roads lead to Rome ” or in the case of the corrupt and crooked RASC-Renegades all roads lead to Michael Watson. As he was, and still is, the in house lawyer for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). Watson, had the ability to stop the Vicious Vindictive Malicious Premeditated Sustained attacks on Roger and Grace Nelson and others, dead in their tracks.

Instead, Michael Watson chose to join the RASC-Renegades, the alternative would have been, Watson having to initiate and oversee, the expulsion from the RASC, of Heather Laird, Nicole Mortillaro, Bryan Foret, Roland Dechesne and Charles Ennis. As Richard Nixon once said, it wasn’t the burglary that caused his downfall, it was the cover-up.

At present the RASC is in very serious financial problems and social and governance issues. The Board under the guidance of Watson has initiated and actively encouraged bullying and harassment of members. That, coupled with the Board totally ignoring the By-Laws of the Society and sound practices, and continuing to cover up many crooked and corrupt acts, has led the RASC into very Dire Straits.

And now that Sly Fox (Fecker Watson) is in charge of the Hen House: