DEBORAH PETRIUKS official working title is the Public Complaint Director and Legal Counsel Calgary Police Commission. That’s some title. But her main job seems to be gatekeeper and damage control leader. Following in the same path as those before her, who were vilified in the Alberta Arkinstall Inquiry Report.

I say gatekeeper and damage control leader as I submitted serious evidence to Petriuk of historical and serious corrupt, crooked and criminal acts having been committed by past commission members and past and present Calgary Police officers. Such acts that were committed at the same time periods covered by the Arkinstall Inquiry Report, and still being covered up to this day.

4 statements – 1 E-mail content – Petriuk – 8thNovember2021:

Petriuk Statement 1: “ Complaint 1089: You made a number of complaints against Detective Mercer which were dismissed on October 20, 2010. You then appealed the matter to the LERB. Your appeal to the LERB was dismissed, and costs were awarded agsint you.

THE TRUTH: Outright Lie by Petriuk. There was no appeal of Complaint 1089, there was no dismissal by the LERB and there was no costs awarded against me. And this woman is a Lawyer.  

Petriuk Statement 2: “ Complaint 1055 You made a number of complaints against Inspector Money Sparrow, A/Inspector Cliff O’Brien and A/Staff Sgt. Joe Brar. These complaints were dismissed on July 21, 2010. You did not appeal this decision.

THE TRUTH: This statement by Petriuk is misleading. Complaint 1055 was also never investigated at all. The dismissal letter which I never received until just recently was fabricated and also littered with false statements. And this woman is a Lawyer. 

Petriuk Statement 3: “ In order for these matters to be dismissed, they would need to be investigated first. From my review of the matter, they thoroughly investigated at the time

THE TRUTH: This is Another Outright Lie by Petriuk. Both of those matters were never thoroughly investigated as stated by Petriuk. In fact both 1055 and 1089 were never investigated at all.  And both dismissal letters were fabricated. And this woman is a Lawyer. 

Deborah Petriuk Statement 4: “ It does not appear that there are further actions to be taken on these professional standards matter, and you should not expect further contact from the Calgary Police Commission on this

THE TRUTH: This is yet Another Outright Lie by Petriuk. It is obvious that she never completed a review, and more obvious that she has attempted to cut off any further investigation into corrupt, crooked and criminal acts with false blanket statements, that she knew to be false, when she made them. And this woman is a Lawyer.  

There is a mountain of  evidence to shred Petriuks Lies. I am in contact with the Law Enforcement Review Board, but I initially look forward to what steps Shawn Cornett, the new Chair of the Calgary Police Commission, takes. MORE TO COME: