8th JULY 2023: No one on the 2023-2024 National Board wants to be the Treasurer (who can blame them) Michael Watson is going to outsource the position of Treasurer to someone outside the RASC. Once again going against the By-Laws of the RASC that states that the position of Treasurer shall be appointed from a Director of the Board.

Now they’ve got that Sly Fox (Fecker Watson) in charge of the Hen House.
Who the feck is going to be this outside Treasurer ?
How much is this going to cost the RASC ?
How would this outside Treasurer be held accountable ?
Who would this outside Treasurer answer to ?
What the Fuckery is going on ?

JULY 2023: The National Board for the RASC 2023-2024 has been posted on their website. The latest President is Michael Watson a Lawyer and Partner with the Toronto office of Gowling WLG. Watson is also a key cohort in the RASC-Renegades. Reliable sources state that the original game plan was for newly elected Randy Attwood to be declared the President, but that Attwood then suddenly backed off (can you blame him) and no one else would take the position (can you blame them), forcing Watson to do so.

Other RASC-Renegades still on the Executive Board are Eric Briggs and Brendon Roy.

JUNE 2023: The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) conducted their Annual General Meeting on the 25th June. I am awaiting the results of that AGM to find out how many RASC-Renegades are left on the National Board for 2023-2024 and what if any Executive positions they retain. MORE TO FOLLOW: