A Fecker is someone who is, sly, underhand, devious, deceitful, corrupt, dishonest, crooked, vindictive, malicious, untrustworthy, a consummate liar and much more:

watch out, that’s a right Fecker that one “….

The truth doesn’t cease to exist just because the Mayor of Calgary, Feckers elected on Calgary City council, Feckers in their Corporate Security Department, Feckers in their Legal Department, Feckers in the Calgary Police Service, their Fecker friends in the RCMP, the Justice Department and others, all decide to commit the corrupt and crooked and criminal acts of Fuckery, Advanced Fuckery and Super Advanced Fuckery.

The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie only fits another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

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